Through the Bidding For Good portal, you are able to make a donation to the MPA for any of its Programs and Projects including:

  • Grant-A-Wish Program (provides funding for grant requests of faculty 7 staff)
  • Senior Scholarship Program (provides scholarships for graduating seniors to use towards furthering their education or providing tools & equipment for their career)
  • Food Recovery Project (a community service project, whereby food that woudl otherwise be thrown away is recovered and redistributed to organizations serving people in need)
  • Restricted Donation (provide funding for a particular event, class, sport, project, etc. as you specify)
  • MPA General Fund (provides funding for the MPA with no restrictions)
  • Specific Requests by Faculty & Staff (provide funding for a grant request received outside of our normal grant cycle.  (These, if any, will be listed individually)
Click Here to make a donation.